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Press Release: Flikshop Selected for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Health Equity Initiative

Flikshop will receive computing credits and technical expertise from Amazon Web Services for their work to reduce recidivism in the US. Flikshop helps to reduce recidivism by allowing communities effected by incarceration the ability to maintain strong connections and communication during seasons of separation.

Washington, D.C. (9/6/2023) — Flikshop today announced that it has been selected as part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Health Equity Initiative, a $40 million, three-year commitment, supporting organizations that are developing solutions to advance health equity.

Through the initiative, AWS offers cloud computing credits and customized technical expertise to selected organizations around the world. These organizations use AWS services to improve health outcomes and health equity in any of the following areas:

The support from AWS will advance Flikshop’s efforts to create the databases that allow us the ability to catalog the families and community organizations, segment the populations of incarcerated people and leverage our EC2 instances to build the tools that keep our products flowing into correctional facilities. Flikshop also reports to stakeholders how many families we have connected and the resources we are able to ship to incarcerated people.

We believe that human connectivity in some of the darkest areas of the country can be the change agent that helps to promote family unification, community, and impact mental health needs. This is why we created Flikshop. Our mobile and web apps allow our customers the ability to send postcards, messages, and photo books to incarcerated people around the country, with the goal of reestablishing relationships, advancing employment, and fulfilling mental health gaps that ultimately impact recidivism in the US. When families are separated for months, years, and sometimes decades, the gaps in maintaining their collective mental health needs deteriorate, and our software helps to keep the community connections strong and thriving.

“AWS believes individual health outcomes should not depend on socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, or neighborhood, “said Maggie Carter, Global Lead, Social Impact at AWS. “Cloud technology can help address inequities in global health to expand access to the services people need to live longer, healthier lives–no matter who they are or where they live. Through the AWS Health Equity Initiative, we look forward to helping Flikshop and other organizations worldwide use the power of cloud computing to advance health equity and improve health outcomes.”

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