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Request Free Flikshop Credits* 

How to request Flikshop Credits:

  1. Click on "Flikshop Angels" on your top Menu Bar

  2. Scroll to the bottom of your screen

  3. Click on "Submit a Request" button

  4. Tap on the Option that best fits your request

  5. Click "Submit a Request"

*Our team will review all request within 48 hours. Most request are approved for customers who have not received any promotional credits within 90 days. Flikshop reserves the right to approve or decline any requests.

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Sponsored by:

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Every Person

People in prison are more than inmates. They are people...real humans with real families. Flikshop allows you the ability to send pictures to any person in any cell in the US, and now you can do it for free!

Every Cell

Flikshop postcards are approved to send to inmates in state, federal, and local county jails. Your photos are printed on real postcards and shipped directly to their cells. Try it today for free. 

Every Day
send pictures to inmates

"Family means everything when you're in those cells. That's why I support Flikshop!"

John Legend

Grammy Award Winning Artist

how to send pictures to inmates

Incarcerated residents DO NOT NEED Internet, a Kiosk, or any device to begin receiving postcards today.

Actual Postcard Size: 4" x 6"

What is a

Flikshop Postcard?

Click Arrows to see Components of a Flikshop Postcard 

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