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Press Release: Flikshop Joins Google Program

Flikshop Joins Google Program to Offer Digital Skills Training for People Impacted by Incarceration

In June, Google announced an initiative to help people impacted by incarceration gain digital skills through strategic partnerships and programming

Washington, D.C. — Today, three organizations in Washington, D.C. announced they are working with Google to provide digital skills programs to advance economic opportunity for people impacted by incarceration. The organizations are: Flikshop, Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop, The Hope Foundation Reentry Network (DC). In June, Google shared its investing $4 million toward a new fund that aims to expand its justice reform work. Over 500 nonprofit organizations across the country applied to receive support from the fund, and the three organizations in Washington, D.C. were selected by Google based on its history of helping people who have been impacted by incarceration receive training, career resources, and job placement support.

“We know that people are more likely to succeed and thrive when they can reenter the community in a way that allows them to take care of themselves and their families. When people have those opportunities, and the skills to seek out good-paying jobs, they gain confidence and they feel a sense of hope that a better path forward is possible,” said DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. “I’m proud to see these resources from the Grow with Google Fund for Justice Impacted Communities go to DC-based nonprofits that are committed to supporting DC residents and providing the tools our neighbors need to learn, grow, and find success within the community.”

More than 600,000 Americans leave incarceration each year and face higher jobless rates than the U.S. average. The lack of technology in prison creates further barriers to employ

ment, as digital skills are increasingly essential in the current job market. The three organizations selected in Washington, D.C. will use the new funding to integrate Google’s digital skills curriculum into existing programming, with the goal of helping people impacted by incarceration learn skills for today’s jobs.

“As we work to create a more inclusive economy, we’re committed to helping people impacted by incarceration access training for today’s jobs,” said Tia McLaurin, Senior Manager, Grow with Google. “We’re proud to work with outstanding partners to ensure more people can qualify for great jobs and create a new beginning for themselves and their families.”

The selected organizations will use Google digital skills curriculum that was co-curated with five nonprofits— The Last Mile, Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO), Defy Ventures, Fortune Society and The Ladies of Hope Ministries.The program’s training includes five learning paths that Google developed in collaboration with nonprofit partners: (1) Getting Started with the Basics, (2) Job Search, (3) Job Readiness, (4) Online Safety, and (5) “Next Step” Job Readiness Skills. Lessons vary from fundamental digital skills such as how to apply for jobs online and create a resumé, to more advanced topics including entrepreneurship and business budgeting. Partners will integrate this curriculum into their existing programs to help people develop skills that will help them get a job or start a business.

Since launching in April 2021, Grow with Google’s program has helped more than 90,000 people impacted by incarceration obtain digital skills. To date, Google has given over $48 million in grants and committed 50,000 pro bono hours to advance criminal justice reform. Learn more about how Google is expanding access to digital skills training to support individuals who have been impacted by incarceration:

Supporting Quotes "The Hope Foundation provides mentoring, addiction prevention services, workforce development, employment training opportunities and transitional services to ensure the successful reintegration of returning citizens in Washington, D.C.,” said Corey Knight, Founder, The Hope Foundation.

We’re so excited to participate in this opportunity with Google,” said Marcus Bullock, CEO and Founder of Flikshop. “Our returning citizens here in DC are looking for opportunities the moment they get out of jail or prison and there has been a massive gap in tech literacy skills development for years. We’re excited to change that today!” About Grow with Google

Grow with Google was started in 2017 to help Americans grow their skills, careers and businesses. It provides training, tools and expertise to help small business owners, veterans and military families, jobseekers and students, educators, startups and developers. Since Grow with Google’s inception, it has helped more than nine million Americans develop new skills. Grow with Google has a network of more than 8,500 partner organizations like libraries, schools, small business development centers, chambers of commerce and nonprofits to help people coast-to-coast.


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