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Flikshop helps to keep correctional facilities safe with security-friendly postcards that are scanned for photo contraband. Each Flikshop is  shipped from our secure mailing center in the Washington, DC metro area.

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Our machine learning software scans each photo  and message for explicit content including: nudity, known gang signs, drugs, drug paraphernalia, and weapons. No explicit content!


Help eliminate contraband and save time for correctional staff! Each postcard is pre-labeled by housing unit and replaces a postage stamp with metered postage printed directly on the postcard.


Reach out to our staff to ask any questions. One of our dedicated representatives are happy to assist you. Contact us!

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Incarcerated residents DO NOT NEED Internet, a Kiosk, or any device to begin receiving postcards today.

Actual Postcard Size: 4" x 6"

What is a

Flikshop Postcard?

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"This is a small step for families to connect with their loved ones behind the walls, but one we are happy to support. Thanks Flikshop."

Dean Williams, Executive Directors

Colorado Department of Corrections

Colorado Department of Corrections Shiel

FAQ's for Corrections

Where are the postcards produced?

Each one of our Flikshop postcards are printed, inspected, and shipped from our secure printing facility in Landover, Maryland. You can always verify a Flikshop postcard by the metered stamp ID. Our headquarters are located just a few miles away from our printing facility in Washington, DC.

Does Flikshop send anonymous mail?

Each Flikshop postcard will have the orginal sender's "Name" and "Return Address" printed on the back. Flikshop and Flikshop Angels are continuing to grow and learn how to help connect incarcerated populations to screened reentry service providers. Learn more about this in a recent Forbes article about how Flikshop is leveraging data to fight recidivism.

Do you have info that we can share with our population?

Yes. Just shoot us an email and we'll ship you a few posters that you can hang in the housing units. We will also ship sample Flikshop postcards.

How do we begin accepting Flikshop postcards at our facility?

Just send us a quick email, and we will ship you posters that can be placed in your housing units or a short video that can be placed on the internal facility TV networks. That's it! We will begin welcoming the families and community that support the residents in your facility.