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"I thought that I would die in prison, but my family's letters, photos, and visits that kept me alive. In prison, getting mail is like hitting the lottery!"

Marcus Bullock
sending pictures to inmates

Each one of our Flikshop postcards are filled with words of love, emoji's, confessions of yearning, and some pain. They tell a story, and our founder Marcus Bullock knew that we needed to figure out a way to leverage this love to help end recidivism around the globe. 

When Marcus was 15 years old he was arrested and sentenced to spend 8 years in adult maximum security prisons for carjacking a man in a shopping mall parking lot. By the time he served the first 2 years he became very dark and depressed, so his mom made a promise to him in a prison visiting room. 

"Marcus, I'm going to write you a letter or send you a picture every day for the remaining 6 years of your sentence.", says his mom, Ms. Bullock. 

"Those letters saved my life!", claims Marcus. "I was able to see the world through my mother's lens and gave me a clear vision to what my life would look like after prison."

Today, Flikshop works hard to keep every person in every cell connected to their family members and other community resources, prior to their release...just like Marcus' mom did while he was in prison. 

Together, we can end recidivism!

Pictured: Marcus Bullock (CEO/Flikshop) with nieces and nephew at Brunswick Correctional Center in Lawrenceville, VA  (2000)

Marcus Bullock
Marcus Bullock


Jessica Snow

VP Operations

Christopher Spence
Christopher Spence

Senior Engineer

Sylvia Bullock
Sylvia Bullock

Relationship Manager

Anthony Belton (FSB).jpeg
Anthony Belton

Head Instructor (FSB)

Erin Smith.heic
Erin Smith

Customer Support

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