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Join the Flikshop Neighborhood

The Flikshop Neighborhood connects our Community, Educational, and Second Chance Hiring programs to currently incarcerated populations. 

Send your organization's resources to thousands of incarcerated people with a targeted reach.

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Let's create stronger, safer, and more equitable communities

The Flikshop Neighborhood provides community organizations and second chance employers the ability to connect their resources and programs to the incarcerated people that need them.

Create mailing campaigns to ship your newsletters, surveys, major announcements, and sign-up forms to incarcerated people within a few clicks.

Reentry Begins at Arrest


...not release


"The only way to end recidivism is to prepare people for release well before they come home. It's going to take families, community, and employers to help end recidivism in the US."


Marcus Bullock, CEO/Founder (Flikshop)


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Join our neighborhood of over 85,000 incarcerated people throughout the US

Flikshop has connected over 170,000 families to 85,000 incarcerated people in local/county jails, state and federal prisons, juvenile detention centers, and ICE detention centers. Let us help you connect your mission to people who want to hear from your organization!

Ask us how your organization can leverage our data to build your neighborhood of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people. 

Case Study:

FRRC Impacts Florida Voting with Flikshop

How Flor​ida Rights Restoration Coalition used Flikshop, and Flikshop's database of incarcerated Florida residents to help impact for Florida voters during the 2020 presidential election.

Drive and Measure Engagement 


with Flikshop's powerful administration dashboard 


Over 3,700 Approved Facilities

Sender & Recipient Data Privacy

Analytics & Reporting

Mailing Campaign Management & Automation

Fast Shipping / Delivery

Access to over 85,000 Incarcerated Neighbors

Building Stronger Communities by Reducing Recidivism 

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