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What is a 
Flikshop Postcard?

Create a personalized 4"x6" full-color postcard with your photo and message printed and shipped directly to your loved one.  

Postcards to Incarcerated People

Step 1:

Add Your Main Photo

Upload any photo from your Photo Album, camera, Facebook, or Instagram (including screenshots)*

inmate photo services

*No pictures including nudity, drugs, drug paraphernalia, or gang signs.

Send a postcard in 3 easy steps!

Each postcard is delivered within 3-5 Business Days

Send your favorite school photos of the children, weekend photo dumps, or even a morning selfie just to brighten their day. Your photos are printed and shipped within 48 hours and get delivered directly to their door via the USPS.

Keep Your Family Connected 

with Flikshop's iPhone, iPad, or Android app 


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Over 3,700 Approved Correctional Facilities

Safe & Secure Shipping

Increase the Likelihood of Success for Reentry

Metered Postage for Each Postcard

Each Postcard is Shipped within 48 Hours

Your Organization Can Send Anonymous Mail to Brighten Someone's Day

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