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Bring your team together to with a fun and educational experience that is designed to promote cultural inclusion and justice reform

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Amazing Reviews & Impact

Are you looking for a fun activity to host for your office, conference, or school? See why organizations of all sizes get excited about Flikshop Team Events.

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Annie R.

Oakland, CA

Just wanted to say thanks again for an incredible couple of sessions Every year, you all provide such an amazing opportunity for people to feel connected to this work in a new and meaningful way; you also show up with such passion, energy, and kindness. We really could not be more grateful to you for everything you do.

Ready, set, go take action...

This interactive workshop will explore how we can better connect to other human beings, despite where they live. Our incarcerated populations want to experience care and community, which has been proven to reduce recidivism and erase stigma for them and their families...especially in the workplace.

Enjoy learning about the need for criminal justice reform, the power of building diverse and inclusive hiring practices, and finish the event with a fun activity that includes sending anonymous Flikshop postcards to incarcerated people who do not receive mail.

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4 - 500 People Can Attend

60 Minutes

Corporate/Non-profit Pricing

How it works...

In a lecture-style setting, your team will learn about the criminal justice system, how families are impacted by incarceration, and how we can all get involved in reforming the prison industrial complex. This is a fun conversation that will inspire every attendee! Some things to note:

  • This interactive workshop will explore how we can better connect to other human beings that are impacted by the justice system. We believe in Second Chances.

  • We use "person first" language at Flikshop, so we use terms like: returning citizen or formerly incarcerated, instead of inmates, prisoner, or convict. 

  • This event will have moments of humor, use terms that show faith, and be filled with data that illustrates the power of love and community.


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Invite Your Entire Team

Flikshop will host a 60-minute interactive conversation around criminal justice reform, the power of second chances, and the strategies your organization can deploy to participate in reform efforts. Each conversation is led by a Flikshop team, and has direct experience with the justice system. The event ends with your team sending anonymous postcards to incarcerated people who do not receive mail and want to stay connected to their community.

Watch this video to see the impact of organizations and their Flikshop postcards.

Secured Access. Privacy Matters.

Flikshop will give your organization a personalized Access Code that team members use to login to their Flikshop app. The Access Code allows each team member the ability to send postcards with Suggested Photos and Messages to help give each postcard a personal touch. 

Flikshop DOES NOT SHARE the information of the personal sender or recipient of each postcard. If the recipient returns a message to Flikshop, our team will share the message with your Team Event coordinator. 


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Share the Success in Real Time 

Your team members will be able to see who else is joining the Team Event, be inspired by the sample photos and messages that we suggest within the app, and see the immediate impact that your organization is having in the community.


Your team members will also see the completed postcards that were created and the location of the recipients that will receive their personalized messages.

Each postcard that your team creates is shipped within 48 hours and delivered directly to the cell of someone who needs to feel the support of their community. 

Review Your Team's Impact

Flikshop will provide your Team Event coordinator with a Flikshop Impact Report, produced with Flikshop's Social Impact rating software. You will be able to share real data that helps to detail your contribution to your organizations mission to help us reduce recidivism in the US.

Improve your social impact while helping to build community. 


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Add a Gift

Make your team feel extra special with a gift shipped directly to them.

End Recidivism Hoodie.jpg

End Recidivism Hoodie

$65.00 each

End Recidivism TShirt.png

End Recidivism T-Shirt

$25.00 each

End Recidivism Mug.jpg

End Recidivism Mug

$15.50 each

95% of incarcerated people will be released one day. Sharing messages of support or resources from your organization can help prepare for release. 

Who Receives My Team's Postcards?

We want every person in every cell to receive mail every day! 

The recipients of your team's postcards have written to Flikshop requesting mail from people just like you. Our incarcerated friends have requested pen-pals, employment assistance, religious friends, and most simply want to believe that someone in the world cares about them. 


If you would like to register an incarcerated family member to receive mail from one of our partners or Flikshop Angels, click below. 

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