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Flikshop Shipping

Every Flikshop order is shipped the Next Business Day, excluding Federal holidays.

Each Flikshop typically arrives in the US Postal Service mail within 3 - 5 Business Days.

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  • Q: How does Flikshop work?
    Flikshop is very easy to use! Simply use this website or download the Flikshop app. Upload your main photo. Write your short message. Click "Send Postcard". We ship your Flikshop postcard directly to your loved one for you, using the United States Postal Service...and we pay for your postage! Mail-call just got interesting!
  • Q: What happens if my loved one does not receive my Flikshop postcard?
    This makes us sad to just think that your loved one did not receive your postcard. Its okay, we’re wiping our tears. If your loved one does not receive your Flikshop postcard please send us an email to One of our technicians will look into your order and locate your postcard status. If your Flikshop postcard is returned to us for any reason we will notify you immediately via email and either credit your Flikshop account or issue a full refund.
  • Q: How long does it take for my Flikshop postcard to get to my loved one?
    All Flikshop postcards are printed and shipped within 48 hours of your order. It typically takes 3-5 Business Days for your Flikshop to arrive in the mail to your loved one's facility. (USPS restrictions apply to the delivery time, so please be gracious with us. 😊) Some facilities have different mail operations for their residents, so it may be a little longer if that facility does not issue the resident their Flikshop postcards immediately.
  • Q: Does Flikshop ship to all prison facilities?
    Yes, Flikshop will ship to any Federal prison, State prison, or local/County jail or juvenile facility. If your facility is not listed, please let us know by sending an email to We’ll make sure that your facility is added to the Flikshop mobile app and website.
  • Q: If I purchase Flikshop Credits do I have to use them all at one time?
    Nope! You may Flikshop whenever you want, from where you want. Send three now, and save the rest of your credits for tomorrow, or next week, or even next month. Your Flikshop Credits never expire.
  • Q: If my loved one gets transferred after I place my order what will happen to my Flikshop postcard?
    No problem. Most facilities will still forward your loved one’s mail to their new facility. If your postcard is returned to us will notify you via email and either credit your Flikshop account or issue an immediate refund.
  • Q: Are Flikshop postcards security-friendly for correctional facilities?
    Yup! Flikshop goes the extra mile to include a ton a security features to ensure that the people that are incarcerated and the correctional facility staff will LOVE receiving those fun little postcards in the mail. Our machine learning technology scans each Flikshop postcard for nudity/sexually suggestive photos, known gang signs, drugs and weapons within the photo, and excessive profane language. Flikshop also uses a metered stamp that is printed directly on each postcard to prevent potential reuse of each stamp or the hiding of contraband behind a traditional stamp. That means no more mail that needs to be scanned or inspected past a quick glance by correctional personnel.
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