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Learn from REAL entrepreneurs just like you

Start your career in tech or as an entrepreneur with six courses and professional certificates from successful leaders, business owners, and companies.

We offer in-person, in-facility, and digital courses.

We collaborate with 7 leading companies and universities

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A Different Path to Success

Learn more about our courses to help imagine your experience as a scholar.

Introduction to the Gig Economy

(3 Weeks)

Building a Personal & Professional Brand

(One Day Session)

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Creating a Pitch Presentation

(One Day Session)


Apply to our next FSB program and begin your new career in tech. Learn how to launch a new tech business, create a portfolio of work that will impress, and pitch your idea to potential customers and investors in our 3-week Introduction to Entrepreneurship course. Apply TODAY! Limited capacity.

Presented by
Marcus Bullock 
(Flikshop, Founder/CEO)

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Commonly Asked Questions

Here are the top 5 questions we are asked about Flikshop School of Business

1. What is the Flikshop School of Business?

Founded in 2016 by justice reform advocate, public speaker, and entrepreneur Marcus Bullock, Flikshop School of Business aims to expose its students to entrepreneurship and prepare them with workforce readiness skills.

Most of our scholars have been justice-system involved or have a close family member that has been involved in the system, and want to help them gain soft skills and tech skills that will contribute to sustainable employment.

2. What is our entrepreneurship program?

FSB entrepreneurship programs provide training for scholars, instructors, guest instructors and community leaders to drive positive, disruptive change to society by building sustainable enterprises. Our programs teach entrepreneurial leadership, strategy, intrapreneurship and startup skills that help our scholars launch their ideas or prepare to be the executive officer of their individual career paths.

3. What is different about FSB instructors and classes?

Studying entrepreneurship and innovation enhances our scholar's analytical and logical skills that activate problem solving skills. Entrepreneurship helps solve daily-life problems and eases pain points with the help of innovative products and services provided. The business does not care if you have a felony, a college degree, or experience in an industry. 

Our instructors ask a single question on the first day of each bootcamp: how badly do you need to succeed in this class? The winners instantly adopt rules of accountability, sales and presentation skills, and the tool kit to launch a successful tech startup with their cohort of scholars during the program.

4. How much do the classes cost the scholars?

FSB classes are always FREE for our scholars. Our partners and sponsors like WeWork, Delta Air Lines, and AWS subsidize the cost of tuition for our scholars so that they can focus on learning and growing. 

In fact, most of our programs include a stipend that is paid to our scholars, which is typically used for child care, parking, or meal expenses during the program. 

5. What are the education, income, and housing requirements to enroll?

There are no requirements to enroll in FSB. We ask that you have a willingness to learn and are able to be fully present during class. Have questions about your specific situation? Shoot us an email to

What do our scholars say?

Joseph James (FSB).jpg
"FSB was exactly what I needed in order to add structure to my ideas. I knew I could do it. I just needed the strategy to get it done."

Joseph Jamess III, CEO (Mount Up LLC)

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