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Faces of Entrepreneurship: Marcus Bullock, Flikshop

We have two ways that folks, and the community, are able to participate. And the first way is through our Flikshop Angels program that allows the community members to be able to band together and purchase Flikshop gift cards. Each are loaded with 10 Flikshop credits on them that we give to children with incarcerated parents, allowing them to just scrape off this promo code on the back of their gift card and send mom and dad at least 10 selfies of them, as many as they want, completely for free. You can find out more about that at

But the thing that we’re very excited about working on and building, is The Moment of Empathy app, powered by Flikshop, available in the app store. It is currently designed for businesses, corporations, and teams that want to increase their corporate social responsibility, impact or footprint. These organizations are being very intentional about how to connect the dots and help create resources for folks that are coming out of prison and even their family members. And we’re grateful that they want to leverage our technology in order to be able to do that. I believe this is the way that we leverage scalable technology to reduce recidivism.

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