Send postcards

to anonymous incarcerated people.

Video: Marcus Bullock (CEO/Flikshop) partners with Apple to launch Moment of Empathy app at Apple Carnegie Library. (Washington, DC)

Help reduce recidivism by sharing a message of inspiration or support with the Moment of Empathy app

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*Available for Businesses and Organizations Only

Moment of Empathy (Corporate Social Resp

Moment of Empathy

In Action


Host a MoE Event

Purchase Flikshop Credits that your team can use to send postcards to incarcerated people in your state, for your prison ministry, or to help drive your Fair Chance Hiring campaign.


Click here for steps to Host a Moment of Empathy Event.


Personalized Access Code

Flikshop will give your organization an Access Code that team members use to login to their Moment of Empathy app. The Access Code allows each team member the ability to send postcards with Suggested Photos and Messages to help give each postcard a personal touch. 


Review Impact Report

Download your team's Flikshop Impact Report, produced with Flikshop's Social Impact rating software. Improve your social impact while helping to build community. 

Moment of Empathy

The Impact

95% of incarcerated people will be released one day. Sharing messages of support or resources from your organization can help prepare for release. 

Who Receives My Team's Postcards?

We want every person in every cell to receive mail every day! 


Flikshop wants to help reduce recidivism, and we believe that your postcards to people who are incarcerated around the country can benefit from your creative photos and supportive messages. 

The recipients of your team's postcards have written to Flikshop requesting mail from people just like you. Our incarcerated friends have requested pen-pals, employment assistance, religious friends, and most simply want to believe that someone in the world cares about them. 


If you would like to register an incarcerated family member to receive mail from one of our Moment of Empathy partners or Flikshop Angels, click below.