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Social Entrepreneur Marcus Bullock Uses Tech As A Vessel To Combat Recidivism

Upon his release in 2004, he was met with a harsh reality experienced by many returning citizens; his record was a barrier that stood in the way of him landing a job. After a stint with a paint retailer, he launched his own contracting business and made it a point to hire formerly incarcerated individuals. In 2011, to take his recidivism efforts further, he launched Flikshop.

The platform gives individuals the ability to stay in touch with their friends and family who are incarcerated. Users can upload photos and messages to the Flikshop app, and it is then turned into a postcard and delivered to a loved one in prison. Aware of the fact that mental health disorders among prisoners have consistently exceeded rates of the general population, Bullock wanted to use Flikshop as a vessel to close that gap. “We knew if we were very intentional about delivering this level of connectivity to all of these families, the millions of them around the globe, we would see recidivism rates drop significantly,” he said. Since its inception, Flikshop’s user base has grown to over 180,000 and upwards of 400,000 postcards have been sent to incarcerated friends and family members nationwide. The app has also been backed by investors that include singer John Legend—who has been a fierce advocate for criminal justice reform—and retired NBA player Baron Davis.

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