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Press Release: Flikshop Partners with UNINTERRUPTED During the Holidays


November 12, 2022

(Washington, DC)

Flikshop, the company that connects families and 2nd chance hiring companies to incarcerated people, announced a partnership with UnInterrupted to help send love to the incarcerated LGBTQ+ community.

"LGBTQ+ people are overrepresented at every level of the criminal justice system - especially trans and queer women. I personally know the ripple effect that the prison industrial complex has on families." says Megan Rapinoe, the two-time Women's World Cup winner and Gold Medal Olympic athlete. "We're coming together with Flikshop to send cards to our friends and chosen family who may not be home this holiday season."

The partnership will give any person in the world the ability to send postcards to people who are incarcerated around the country, and especially the people who connect with Flikshop and identify as someone who is living in prison and LGBTQ. Users will have the ability to visit the UnInterrupted website, use the postcard creation wizard to build a card that will get shipped in the mail to the incarcerated resident, and then share their anonymously sent postcard with their friends.

The steps to use the postcard creation wizard are:

  1. Click on one of a few pre-selected photos to be added to the postcard

  2. Click on a preselected message to be printed beside the photo

  3. Confirm the final design and note the Estimated Delivery date

  4. Click "Send Postcard"

"It means everything to me to work with LOVE IS UNINTERRUPTED, Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird on a Flikshop campaign to help connect our incarcerated LGTBQ neighbors to the community...I remember being incarcerated with some of my friends in the LGBTQ+ community and seeing how they received the lowest amount of support from family, friends, and even government agencies." says Marcus Bullock, Flikshop CEO. "This kind of campaign will definitely raise awareness around this issue, while also ensuring that love is shared with thousands of people who are sitting in prison cells and are hoping to build a more inclusive community."

About Flikshop

Flikshop is tech company based in Washington, DC that helps families stay connected to their incarcerated loved ones. Flikshop customers send photos and messages that are delivered on real postcards in the mail to incarcerated people in over 2,700 state and federal jails and prisons throughout the US. For more info please email:

About UnInterrupted

UNINTERRUPTED is a Sports Emmy-award winning athlete empowerment media, experiences and consumer product brand that is part of The SpringHill Company, the media conglomerate spearheaded by LeBron James and Maverick Carter with the mission to empower greatness in every individual. UNINTERRUPTED original content properties, including The Shop: UNINTERRUPTED, Kneading Dough and More Than An Athlete, are impacting culture and inspiring important conversations within and beyond sport and entertainment.



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