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Boeing Just Invested $250,000 In Company That Helps Formerly Incarcerated Gain Tech Skills

Thanks to technology, and a man who was once touched by incarceration in his own life, there is a way for families to stay connected to their incarcerated loved ones. Flikshop Inc. a growing Washington, D.C.-tech company, is meeting the challenge. Customers are able to send photos and messages that are delivered on real postcards in the mail to incarcerated people in over 2,700 state and federal jails and prisons throughout the U.S. And now, according to a press release, Boeing is providing a $250,000 investment in support of Flikshop’s efforts to provide families with Flikshop credits, access to Washington, D.C.-based Byte Back’s digital literacy program, and Flikshop School of Business’ entrepreneurship program.

Flikshop credits are used by families to send postcards, letters, and photos to their incarcerated loved ones. Byte Back provides a pathway to inclusive tech training that leads to living-wage careers. Thus, the combined partnership benefits an often-neglected population needing more support and services. Adding the win with Boeing will strengthen the program’s offerings and perks for Flikshop’s users.

Additionally, Boeing will expand its commitment to advancing equality and supporting nonprofit and social impact organizations focused on education, social justice, and economic opportunity for underserved communities.

Jason Pak, director of Boeing Global Engagement, said “Flikshop and Byte Back have already had overwhelming success within the community reducing recidivism within the community. Boeing is excited to help them continue to build on those successes by offering additional resources for families and opportunities and career pathways for returning citizens to thrive after incarceration.”

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