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How Flikshop's Entrepreneurship Program Supports Returning Citizens

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

By, Tyrell Frierson, Flikshop School of Business Cohort #109

My first week with the Flikshop School of Business has been refreshing. The ability to be around like-minded people striving for the same goals really excites me. Marcus brings an energy to the class that makes you wanna pay attention and participate, even if you're not particularly in the mood. My name is Tyrell Frierson and I am doing a blog takeover to give you a sneak peak into Cohort 109.

Our classes are being held at the Amazon Headquarters2 in Arlington where the professional vibe makes you want to work even harder towards your goals. I appreciate the laid back setting

where we can just focus on learning. This past week we learned about creating business plans and how to leverage AI tools like ChatGPT for assistance. The class energy has been great and I really enjoy learning from other members of the cohort.

The ability to interact with Amazon professionals and hear some of their stories has been truly inspiring. It was meaningful to me to know that everyone we've come in contact with has wanted to help or point us in the right direction. After hearing the first panel, I’m very curious to learn more about sales because I feel that would be an area I could excel in. I take pride in my communication skills and my art to persuade.

I'm looking forward to networking with different individuals regarding business and entrepreneurship so that I can expand my social capital. I'm also excited to see the other new skills we’ll be learning this week.

Graduation is Friday! I am excited about graduation because I will get the chance to walk across another stage and prove that a minority and returning citizen can overcome challenges and grow to be more than their past. Stay tuned.


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