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Courses and Programs

Introduction to the Gig Economy

(3 Weeks)

Building a Personal & Professional Brand

(One Day Session)

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Creating a Pitch Presentation

(One Day Session)


Effective Email Communication

(One Day Session)


Featured Course
ITE 200: Future of Work in the Gig Economy

Learn about the path to make real income without any business experience, tech experience, or start-up capital. This class includes the FSB famous class hackathon that gives the scholars the ability to showcase their new skills during a live pitch competition.

How to Apply

We're there every step of the way...


Set Your Goals

Understand why you are applying to Flikshop School of Business. Our classes are designed to help our scholars who are serious about building their careers. Are you thinking of starting your own business? Do you want to learn the digital skills that help to make you a top candidate for a career upgrade? Let's set some goals that will help you be a successful FSB scholar.  

Click here to learn about SMART goals


Register on our Waitlist

We do not run simultaneous cohorts so please be sure to place your name on the waitlist. We will send you an email confirmation and then let you know when our next cohort is scheduled to launch.

Click here to register on our waitlist


Shift Your Mindset

You have tried a lot, but you have not tried FSB. It is important to remember that you have to be open to new ideas and opportunities before you apply for this program. Do not take your most recent "failure" personal. It was a setup for an opportunity to be flexible and step outside of your comfort zone. Let us help you gain a different perspective about your future. Apply to FSB today!

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