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Where Can Flikshop Postcards Be Shipped?

The short answer is technically anywhere in the United States. The long answer depends.

Flikshop postcards are designed to be shipped to any person with a US postal address, but we focus our efforts on keeping incarcerated people and their families connected. We want every person in every cell in the US to receive a piece of mail every day, as we really believe that this is one of the largest actions to unlock success after incarceration.

“In prison, getting mail is like hitting the lottery.” says Flikshop founder and CEO, Marcus Bullock. “People use our app to send postcards to jails and prisons, elderly family members in nursing or long term care facilities and some use Flikshop to send postcards to people that are fighting for our country in the military. I’m proud of what we’re building, because we all know that the secret to any of our success is our community.”

Although Flikshop postcards meet the security standards for mail correspondence, (Flikshop prefers not to use words like “inmate”) the company also fights an uphill battle with getting the technology approved in some facilities throughout the country.

When Flikshop first launched in 2012, Marcus had meetings with various wardens, department heads, and other prison officials. Even on family vacations, he would set up meetings at a local prison or jail to learn about ways to introduce Flikshop or the Flikshop School of Business, where Bullock and other returning citizens mentor incarcerated people through entrepreneurship. Today, there are over 3,000 approved facilities within the app and this list continues to grow.

Some state-run prisons in Texas and federal facilities are in a different category due to policy mandates and regulations concerning approved vendor lists, and the acceptance of postcards or greeting cards generally. As we work to increase the amount of places Flikshop serves, visit here for more information regarding Texas policies and here for more information regarding federal policies.

Behind the Scenes

Prison administrations are similar to our political system. When administrations change, so can the leadership in correctional institutions. Unfortunately, when there is a change in leadership, policy often changes with them. Mail policy directly impacts sending and receiving mail, which is why Flikshop is proactive in keeping an updated list of approved facilities. We also work to make the process as smooth as possible so families only have to focus on the content of the card.

Before You Send a Postcard

Users can purchase packages of Flikshop credits and use them as often as they’d like. For $15.80, families can make sure their loved one receives a postcard every mailing day of the month.

After You’ve Sent a Postcard

Delivery typically takes 3-5 business days through first class mail with the US Postal Service. Users sending postcards through the app can enable push notifications, so they’re alerted when the postcard has been shipped and provided an estimated delivery date to their friend or loved one. Customers using the web version of Flikshop can also view their account history to track the postcards they’ve sent.

That’s it! Send as many as you’d like during the month with ease. For issues, troubleshooting, and other questions, please contact us at



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