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He Built an App To Send Postcards to Prison

Flikshop is on a mission to make it as easy as possible to send postcards to prisons.

Founded by Marcus Bullock, a formerly incarcerated individual himself, the company is fighting recidivism by keeping families connected so that once an someone is out, they stay out.

Bullock's story behind starting the business is nothing short of inspiring. At just fifteen years old, he was arrested and sentenced to eight years in a maximum security prison. While incarcerated, Bullock's correspondence with his mother was the only thing that kept him going.

People who maintain contact with their loved ones while incarcerated will have better post-release outcomes. Receiving mail from her reminded him that he had a future beyond incarceration, and gave him the encouragement needed to make a life for himself upon his release.

"In prison, it's a dark and hopeless place," Bullock recalls, "and most of us felt as though we didn't matter anymore once we got that prison sentence. It was my mom's letters and her photos that saved my life. My mom provided a lens, a window into the world that others weren't getting in those cells. I knew that when I came home I wanted to be able to help keep families connected the same way I was connected to my mom."

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