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Flikshop Angel SPOTLIGHT: Melanie Bates

More than two million people are incarcerated in the U.S. We need criminal reform champions to help reintegrate citizens back into society and lead fostering change. Attorney and Advocacy Strategist Melanie Bates, owns, and operates Melanie Bates, Consulting, LLC in Washington, D.C. which focuses on overall criminal justice reform.

Her passion and drive to help others are fueled by her own personal encounter several years ago with the criminal justice system. She wants people to see commonalties and feel like they have a support system. Working with the “Know Your Rights” program helps community groups and young black emerging men by arming them with tools and solutions to better understand their rights in certain situations and get out as quickly and safely as possible. “Seeing their well-placed frustrations and anger on what’s going on and feeling like there’s no solutions to be a Black man or woman in America,” she says is concerning.

Bates is doing her part by supporting programs like Flikshop Angels so incarcerated individuals know that they are not forgotten. For Bates, the outcome is worth the investment. Incarcerated individuals “deserve love, compassion, and to be treated with dignity,” says Bates.

Her current motto focuses on inner peace. She says, “do not allow an event or person to control your own personal emotions.”

Become a Flikshop Angel:

The mobile app enables you to mail photos to individuals on the inside for less than one dollar. Upload a photo, type a message, and then click send—it’s that easy. Click here, (Flikshop Angels) to connect families and friends to their incarcerated loved ones.



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