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Delta Joins Flikshop in Supporting Families Affected by Incarceration in Third Year of Collaboration

For the third year in a row, Delta Air Lines is collaborating with Flikshop Angels to purchase Flikshop credits that are donated to families in an effort to help them stay connected to their incarcerated loved ones. 

Maintaining connections year-round is important but for those affected by incarceration, it can be especially important during the holiday season these can be lonely or isolating times. For families, having an empty seat at the table can create an environment that is less merry and bright than what is seen outside the home. 

“Flikshop’s mission is for every person in every cell to receive mail every day, and this is especially important around the holidays when families are missing their loved ones. We all enjoy the photos in our homes - they’re precious moments in time of the people we love the most,“ said Flikshop CEO Marcus Bullock. “Enabling families to send postcards, photos and messages without difficult spending choices can have a profound impact, and its partners like Delta Air Lines that help us reach our annual goal of connecting 100,000 families in 2023.”

JFF Delta Equity Flikshop
CEO, Marcus Bullock, VPO Jessica Snow, & Delta Equity Strategist Ashley Black, pose at JFF Horizons.

This year, Delta stepped in with a donation of 100K credits, ultimately helping 100K families to maintain those essential relationships.

“Delta is honored to be a small part in Flikshop’s efforts to connect families, friends and loved ones,” said Ashley Black, Managing Director of Equity Strategies at Delta. “While connecting people to places is what we are most known for, our partnership with Flikshop gives us an opportunity to connect people to their family members in a unique way."

"As part of his own story," Black continues, "Marcus shares that his mother’s cards to him sharing details about her experiences, including travel, helped sustain him during his incarceration. We want others to have these same connection points."

Flikshop is beyond grateful for the confidence Delta has in our product and mission, and for the opportunity to help families stay better connected all year long. It is this empathy combined with giving that will allow parents and children, brothers and sisters, friends and lovers to share love and light into prison cells across the country.


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