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True criminal justice reform requires family support

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

The technology utilized by Flikshop isn’t complex but the idea behind it is genius. Upon reentering society, prisoners face a host of legal barriers and social stigmas that can prevent them from finding employment.

They will need and rely on their families more than ever before. But if family relations atrophy through a lack of communication and contact, prisoners won’t have the robust family support to fall back on when they get released. And that lack of support can easily lead former prisoners back to crime.

What’s more, contact from loved ones and family members can inspire prisoners to live differently while in prison. Prisoners who feel encouraged and uplifted by their families might be more likely to stay out of trouble while behind bars and may have a stronger motivation to improve themselves in preparation for their life after prison. They may even feel driven to participate in the work training and entrepreneurship programs that prisons can offer.

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