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Free Flikshop Credits in Colorado and Santa Clara, California

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Flikshop leads the way as the most impactful company helping to connect families to their incarcerated loved ones, with over 165,000 families connected around the globe.

Flikshop is able to maintain its reputation by building tentacles of its company to support incarcerated people and their families in very creative ways.

An example of this innovation, is Flikshop Angels which was created with the support of EGOT winner and performer John Legend. Flikshop Angels is a community-led activation that allows people to purchase Flikshop Credits that are given to children with incarcerated parents.

To date, Flikshop Angels has helped to connect over 35,000 families, and paid the tuition for eight Flikshop School of Business participants.

"In prison, getting mail is like hitting the lottery!" says Marcus Bullock, Flikshop CEO. "We want every person in every cell to receive a Flikshop postcard every day. That's our mission."

Executive Director for Colorado Department of Corrections, Dean Williams, agrees with Bullock's mission. "[Flikshop] is a small step for families to connect with their loved ones behind the walls, but one we are happy to support." says the DOC Director. On March 31, 2020 the Colorado DOC released a statement announcing that friends and families can now send photo postcards to incarcerated people via Flikshop. With the support of Flikshop Angels, we are able to give 3 free postcards to the loved ones of CDOC residents.

"When I called Flikshop they were glad to offer 3 free postcards for everyone who signed up" says Williams. The support of the Flikshop Angels community has been incredible. In just one week after announcing our goal to connect 100,000 families that suffer from incarceration with our postcards, Flikshop Angels have purchased over 5,000 Flikshop Credits to be gifted to families.

The Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall administration double-downed on this investment from the community.  Sean Rooney, Probation Manager in Santa Clara County, says that they became Flikshop Angels and purchased Flikshop Credits for their families because "Flikshop is a great service for our population." He continues by saying, "hopefully this will go well and give other counties a great example to open up the possibilities for growth."

We hope that this is just the beginning of how departments and government agencies are being thoughtful about connecting families that suffer from incarceration.

Click here to become a Flikshop Angel and help us in our goal to connect 100,000 families.



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