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Flikshop Angels Help Keep Incarcerated Families Connected During Pandemic

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Community members purchase Flikshop Credits that are given away to families that suffer from prison visiting room closures

Flikshop's mission is to ensure that every person in every cell in the US receive mail every day. We know that this is a lofty goal, but we believe that radical change in the world has to come from hopeful ideas.

We launched Flikshop Angels to give the community the opportunity to contribute to our mission in a meaningful way. Any person can purchase a Flikshop Gift Card for $10 and we give this gift card to a child or family with an incarcerated loved one so they can send as many selfies as they want...without having to pay a dime.

Real family connections

As a result of our community's commitment, we were able to give away 125 Flikshop Credits to families around the country in our first 24 hours of learning about prison visiting room closures.

We hope to give away more, and would love for you to become a Flikshop Angel. Click here and help us to keep families connected during the pandemic of COVID-19.



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