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Eight Years In Prison, Bullock’s Invention Helps Incarcerated People Connect With Their Families

Marcus Bullock is an entrepreneur, justice reform advocate and public speaker.

Profiled in Black Enterprise, on CNN, and in TechCrunch, Bullock has also spoken on a TEDx program, and at a Black Men Xcel Summit sponsored by Koch Industries. His resume is nothing short of impressive.

However, arguably more impressive is how Bullock, a 2015 Innovator of the Year, and 2016 Booz Allen Hamilton Aspen Ideas award winner, found success.

By his admission, Bullock had as tough a childhood as anyone. At 12, he survived a kidnapping but still turned to a life of crime. At 15, he committed a carjacking, which led to an eight-year prison sentence.

Today, Bullock is the founder and CEO of Flikshop, a photo-sharing app for incarcerated people around the country.

“When I was in prison, receiving mail was like winning the lottery. Like the power ball,” Bullock said. “That feeling when you get mail is the only thing you can hold onto because you’re on the inside and you’ve been told that you are a monster. So, when the mail call happens, and everybody is standing in their cell hoping to get mail, it’s like a big thing. It doesn’t matter what the contents are, and you are just aware that someone knows and cares that you exist.”

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