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Justice Reform (Diversity and Inclusion

How to use the 

Flikshop app to create a virtual Team Event

Before your Event


Gain Team Access

Register a general Flikshop account with an email address and password to manage all of your team events. (Click here to register an account) This account will allow you the ability to start a Team Event, purchase Flikshop Credits for your team events, and even see who sent Flikshop's from your team. This account will be your organization's Master Account, and will not allow any of your team members the ability to see your Flikshop Address Book, payment information, or account profile information. 


Define Your Target Audience

Work with our Relationship Manager and data analyst to help identify your Flikshop recipients. Incarcerated people need mail, and we want to help you connect with the right group that aligns with your company or organization's mission.

Select recipients by age, jurisdiction (ie. State, Federal, or local), release date, geographical location or gender. 


Purchase Flikshop Credits

It cost (1) Flikshop Credit to ship each postcard. Each Flikshop Credit for Moment of Empathy costs $1.00, and includes First-Class USPS postage on each postcard. Send 100 Flikshop's with a small team, or create a Team Event with thousands of team members around the globe and impact thousands of lives. 

Once you purchase your Flikshop Credits we will add them to your account and give you a Private Access Code that will allow your team to send postcards within Moment of Empathy, without being billed or seeing the personal information of the recipients of their Flikshop's. 

Announcing your Event


Introduce your Team to Flikshop

It's time to tell your team about your Moment of Empathy event. Let us help you with crafting language for the event that is socially responsible. Start a conversation and introduce the team to your first Flikshop activation, justice reform issues, or why it's important for us to build an ENTIRE community...even with our incarcerated neighbors.

Ask us about inviting Marcus Bullock as a speaker for your next corporate event.

View Marcus' TED Talk here.


Invite Your Team to the Event

Flikshop will give your organization an Access Code that team members use to login to their Moment of Empathy app. The Access Code allows each team member the ability to send postcards with Suggested Photos and Messages to help give each postcard a personal touch. 


Request Team Participation

Moment of Empathy Team Events work best when the entire team is engaged and have an opportunity to help craft the messaging that other team members will use to share in the event. Flikshop has created a small batch of Suggested Photos and Suggested Messages that will allow each team member the comfort of delivering the right message to the right person. 


Ask your team to help define the Suggested Photos and Suggested Messages and help improve culture in your organization. Email us your suggested photos and messages and every team member that logs in with your Access Code will see your Flikshop postcards preloaded and ready to ship.

During your Event


Download Moment of Empathy app 

Your Team Event is ready to launch, your Suggested Photos and Messages have been loaded into your account, and you've notified your team members of your Organization ID and Access Code so that they can successfully log in to the Moment of Empathy app. Once the team member register's their free account within the app they will be prompted to enter their Organization ID and Access Code.

Click here to download the Flikshop app.


Register Account

Each Moment of Empathy account needs a valid email address and password that can also be used to log in to the Flikshop app. When each team member registers their account it helps us deliver data about each of your campaigns, and how your team members engage with your team event. 


Send Postcards!

You've purchased Flikshop Credits, your team members are logged into their individual accounts, and they are starting to send postcards to your predetermined list of postcard recipients. Set a start date for the event, a goal for the amount of postcards you would like each team member to send, and allow them the  opportunity to be as creative as possible. This is where impact is happens! One Postcard = One Flikshop Credit. How much impact can your team create?

Ask us about adding a speaker to talk to your team about the importance of your event, how justice reform impacts our daily lives, or how to be resilient and grow your business during a pandemic.

After your Event


Celebrate a Moment of Empathy!

You've had your first Team Event, and everyone on the team is excited about sharing in the moment. Now what? This is the time to create conversation around the topic of criminal justice reform, anti-racism, and ways to help end police brutality against Black people. Work with your team to identify topics that they want to discuss openly and reserve an open space and time to erect this conversation. 

Invite Marcus Bullock (CEO/Flikshop) to your next corporate event. 


Review Your Impact Report with the Team

14 days after your team event you will receive a Flikshop Impact Report that will help you understand how your event impacted real lives. Your report will leverage Flikshop's machine learning technology and our impact rating algorithms to tell your data story of each order from your team event.

Together, we can leverage data to reduce recidivism. Each postcard campaign will assist in your organization's mission of employment notifications, community support, reentry services, and most (Request a demo to see a sample impact report)


Host Another Event!

Your team is well on their way to finding their voice in this justice reform conversation. They are better educated about the issues that concern them, they've taken the leap and shared a few moments of empathy, and they're looking for ways to go deeper with this project. 

Ask us about scheduling recurring events with themes, virtual conversations and workshops, and diversity leadership coaching for your executive staff.

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