Find Housing Assistance,

Employment, or a Pen Pal.

The Flikshop Neighborhood connects our incarcerated neighbors to local reentry services and supportive pen pals for FREE!

Flikshop CEO, Marcus Bullock, tells why he thinks family and community can use Flikshop to help reduce recidivism.

* Registration is free for all of our incarcerated neighbors.

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Community Impact

In Action


Community Support Drives Success After Incarceration

600,000 people are coming home from jail or prison every year, and we want each one of them to be aware of the community that is welcoming them back with open arms.

The Flikshop Neighborhood began with an idea to connect every person in jail or prison to potential employers, property managers, government resources that were available to them in their local communities. Businesses, including law firms, began sending Flikshop postcards to incarcerated residents in 4 states around the US, and we wanted to learn from these innovators. 

Today, our registered "neighbors" receive over 5,000 Flikshop's every year from:

  • Slack (Fair Chance Hiring)

  • Free Minds Book Club (Community Connections)

  • Campaign for Youth Justice (Juvenile Justice Advocacy)

  • Florida Rights Restoration Coalition (Voting Advocacy)

  • Prison Fellowship (Donations)

Help us get every person in our families and community connected to valuable resources that will help us keep people out of prison.

Together, we can reduce recidivism!


Real Support, for FREE!

Our goal is to help reduce the recidivism rate of incarcerated people in the US. Statistics report that 76% of people who are released from prison will return within 3 years, and most of them are for a technical probation or parole violation. 

Flikshop algorithms, combined with contributions from our sponsors and community non-profits, will match our neighbors to resources that they!

From employment referrals to adding funds on their commissary accounts, our sponsors have been interviewed and vetted by the Flikshop Team to ensure that safety and security is maintained within the Flikshop Neighborhood

Reentry planning starts at the time of arrest and it should be FREE!


Privacy Matters!!!

Every neighbor has the right to be free, under the Eighth Amendment, from inhumane treatment or anything that could be considered “cruel and unusual” punishment.


Sometimes people who are incarcerated are treated unfairly and this STOPS with Flikshop! Our neighbors typically lose most of their rights at arrest, but at Flikshop we do not share information about our neighbors, their families or loved ones, or the crime that they were charged with at the time of arrest. 

All information is kept confidential, even when Flikshop ships postcards or other notifications to a neighbor. 

Once a match is made from a sponsor to a neighbor, Flikshop will ship the neighbor a postcard that allows for them to opt-in and connect directly. 

Notable Neighborhood Members

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